Cliff's World

Dare to be different

Hey,  Thanks for

checking my page out. 

I want to extend a special
thankyou to those of you who
have asked to be added to my
mailing list.

Here's the 411:

I am an independent artist with
loads of, as-yet , unrecorded  
material, and plans in place to
get into the studio and lay down
some really polished tracks in the
not-too  distant future.

I'm not touring yet, and have only
played my set in some very small
and  extremely small local
venues, excusively.

I was in a bluesy soft Rock band  
called "Clay Tigers" for a while,  
but due to a ton of things like
creative differences, varying
levels of interest, conflicting
schedules, etc..... we are,  no
longer together.

I've  decided to try and go it
alone.  My first  attempt is a
rather earthy accoustic, album
called  "Word Of Mouth"  It is just
me,  and my trusty accoustic
guitar. A very limited, rudimentary

I'm saving my pennies to do a
studio album, but am hoping to
get feed-back/constructive
critique on these songs before I
do so.    

So there you have it!