Cliff's World

Dare to be different

Who Am I?

My name is  Cliff Lewis. I am a Canadian Citizen,

 born in London, England in 1963.  I'm single, male and I currently reside on the Pacific North/West coast of beautiful, British Columbia in western Canada.

"Life here is peaceful and spiritually calming"

I love to write (poetry, short stories, and songs) and have several novellas in the works. Check out Cliff Notes (my WordPress Blog page here)

I have penned and recorded upwards of three hundred songs
to date, (There are a few mp3's on my music page here .)

 I Cycle and like to play tennis (though not as ably as I might if 
I practised either activity on a regular basis).
I enjoy painting and sketching, and  peaceful walks in the trails 
around my home.

I am obsessed with all and everything pertaining                   
to The  R.M.S Titanic, from the laying of her, then, massive
keel her fateful and horrific maiden voyage and sinking,
through to her miraculous discovery, and the myriad
myths & legends that still surround her.

I love Hockey both the ice and the street variety of which I
am an avid fan but sub-par player); The Vancouver Canucks
are a favourite team. Todd Bertuzzi and Wayne Gretzky are two of my all-time favourite players.

My favourite TV shows are:  "Mythbusters",  "Corner
",  "CSI",  & "How it's made".

I'm also a huge fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay,  and his many great cooking shows which include:

"Hell's Kitchen", "The F Word", "Kitchen Nightmares",  
"Cookalong Live"

I can be extremely stubborn at times, and can tend to take
myself, and some of life's little challenges a tad too seriously

I'm not a terrifically ambitious, or driven man, but as is  
typical of us Taurians,  I  believe in hard work , generally stick to tasks, and tend to get there in the end.

Well,  you can probably tell, if you've stayed with me this
far, (and if you have, thank you very much) that I have many
and very varied. Interests. I thought  this website was the
best way to share and perhaps even touch base with a few kindred souls.

If you are interested in discussing anything on this site,  or just felt like leaving a comment or two for me, There is a  link at the top of each page  that will take you to My Guest Book

Thanks for dropping by.
   Peace & best wishes,                                                    

             Cliff :)